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In 1978, Steve Wilkinson was approached by a close friend and enticed to open a pizza parlor in downtown Davis, California. At the time, Davis was a sleepy, rural town adjacent to the University of California, a growing agricultural and medical research campus. Word quickly spread through the community, regarding the quality of his menu and the “friendly guy with the large mustache” who worked day and night to make his new venture successful. Thus was born, Steve’s Pizza.

Over the years, as the reputation for quality and innovativeness grew, so did the company, eventually expanding to 8 units around the Sacramento Valley. Looking back on his accomplishment, Steve says, “It has been the greatest time of my life.”

Steve and his wife Cathy started to think about retirement in 2003, and perhaps lessening the time and responsibility of running a large organization. They did not want to leave the business entirely but wanted to modify their time so they could spend it with their family, enjoy their grandchildren and have a little more leisure time for travel and friends.

An opportunity arose the next year and Steve decided the time was right to begin his planned pullback from the business. A successful transaction was negotiated with Passport Restaurants Inc. and the sale was completed at the end of 2005. Steve, true to his word continues to operate the original Davis location as a franchisee. He spends time playing an occasional round of golf, consulting with the new owners and thinking about other ventures.

Passport Restaurants Inc. a public company has invested substantial capital and time in evolving Steve’s Pizza into a business model that can be rapidly expanded. It has opened a prototype unit in Roseville, Ca. that was created by the Los Angeles based restaurant design team of Design Development. The company has upgraded all the operating systems and improved and reformatted the style of service. The menu itself remains generally the same, but with well thought out additions and changes that make Steve’s Pizza remarkable. We firmly believe it is the “best pizza” you have ever tasted.

Lastly, the company has hired Brand Equity Development, a Denver based firm, who has been given the responsibility of expanding Steve’s Pizza through franchising

The Steve’s story continues to evolve. It has been in operation since its founding in 1978 and continues to produce loyal customers simply because their expectations have always been met or exceeded. What’s next? We hope you will join our team as a partner in a growing business. We look forward to the expansion of Steve’s Pizza and maintaining the original commitment of Steve Wilkinson, to provide great food at reasonable prices in an atmosphere conducive to fun and family.

Thank you for your interest in Steve’s Pizza